A variety of options for a pilgrimage rich in contrasts, © weinfranz.at

Our pilgrimage offers

Whether you are travelling alone or with others: Here are some offers that make your pilgrimage easier.

Whether you are on your own or accompanied by experienced pilgrimage guides—there are many options for creating a pilgrimage to Mariazell that is full of contrasts.

Travelling on your own
You are planning your journey on your own and independently, which brings with it an in-depth examination and knowledge of the route, valuable experiences, and a greater sense of freedom.

Current package offers
Here, too, your pilgrimage is flexible and not tied to a specific date, but thanks to the personal support and assistance with the booking process, you can fully focus on the things that matter.

Guided pilgrimages
Guided pilgrimage hikes are organised by experienced pilgrimage guides. The personal guidance and the conversations in the group make these a very special experience.