Long-distance hike to Mariazell, © weinfranz.at

Pilgrimage by bike

There are many ways to reach your goal—and cycling is one of them.

“Go on pilgrimage to Mariazell”—many have included this undertaking in their personal bucket list. There are plenty of paths leading there, coming from all directions. But there are also different ways to go on pilgrimage.

Probably the most common form is walking. It takes longer than possible alternatives, but brings great distance to everyday life and has an amazing impact on both body and soul. In order to find inner peace again, to unwind or to come into harmony with oneself it is best to walk alone or in the company of only a few well-chosen people. Guided pilgrimages, for example, provide additional input and inspiration from outside.

Besides walking, however, also the bicycle is a popular way to complete a pilgrimage journey.

For the most part, the Via Sacra and the Vienna Pilgrimage Trail run on hiking trails which may not be cycled on. Nevertheless, it is also possible to travel from Vienna all the way to Mariazell by bicycle. The routing is different—adapted to the requirements of a good cycling trip.

Multi-day tour from Vienna to Mariazell

Two-wheel pilgrimage by mountain or gravel bike!
From the metropolis to the pilgrimage site—a stage tour with lots of natural and cultural highlights and plenty of places to stop for refreshments.
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Traisental Cycle Path

A good 100 km of cycling, the Traisental Cycle Path is a more leisurely route that leads from the Danube via the Lower Austrian capital St. Pölten to the famous place of pilgrimage Mariazell.

Triesting-Gölsental Cycle Path

The Triesting-Gölsental Cycle Path is 60 km long and runs from Traisen to Leobersdorf. It connects the Traisental Cycle Path with the EuroVelo9 (Thermal Spa Cycle Path).