Pilgrimage taster on the Via Sacra

With the support of a pilgrimage guide and together with like-minded people, first-time pilgrims set off to Mariazell.

Those who dare to take the first step win—time for themselves, for recreation and for experiencing nature.

The best way for beginners to take their first steps into the world of pilgrimage is to take part in a guided pilgrimage taster. Together with other prospective pilgrims and under the guidance of an experienced pilgrimage guide, you will embark on a search for traces along the Via Sacra. In three daily stages, you will walk from Lilienfeld via Annaberg and the "Sacred Mountains" to Mariazell.

Discovering the world of pilgrimage

What is pilgrimage? Where does it come from, where does it lead? What drives us to go on pilgrimage? What can we let go of in order to get going? How can we experience the path and nature with all our senses? The answers can be found on the way: On the Via Sacra, where the history and culture of pilgrimage come alive.