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Step one.

The first step determines the whole way.

To make taking the first step a little easier, we have put together a questionnaire to help you make two fundamental decisions.

Anyone setting out on a pilgrimage has a plethora of things to consider. This is not just about questions that arise during the hike. Prior to departure already, you will come across certain topics and questions that need to be duly addressed. Whether it is determining where to stay, how to pack your backpack or which shoes to wear—the sum of all your (hopefully) well-informed decisions will impact your personal pilgrimage experience.

Two of the most essential questions that pilgrims face at the beginning of any planning process are:
Which trail suits me best?
What do I want my pilgrimage experience to look like?

So before you dive into the plethora of information about the two trails and the different pilgrimage options, take a few minutes of your time and answer the following questions. You may find that some things become a little clearer and you can move on to step two of your preparations.