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The stages of the Vienna Pilgrimage Trail

The Vienna Pilgrimage Trail can be walked in 4 to 6 day’s stages.

The Vienna Pilgrimage Trail is the younger counterpart to the Via Sacra. Its route is close to nature and more challenging physically.

The starting point is in Perchtoldsdorf, which is easily accessible by public transport, and the route leads to Mariazell on marked hiking trails, forest paths, and side roads. To plan easily manageable daily distances, it is best to walk the trail in at least five stages. Very athletic pilgrims can complete the Vienna Pilgrimage Trail in four days. And those who prefer a more leisurely pace stretch it out over six days—this way you have more freedom to fully enjoy the beautiful landscape.

The stages

The Vienna Pilgrimage Trail in 5 stages (recommended route):

The Vienna Pilgrimage Trail in 4 stages: