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Vienna Pilgrimage Trail 06

A path full of nature's wonders.

Created in the 1970ies, the multi-faceted Vienna Pilgrimage Trail with its numerous hills, mountains, and forests offers a magnificent setting for the pursuit of self-realisation and gratitude, in particular for athletically ambitious pilgrims.

Here, the stunning nature is the protagonist. The five-day route also known as "Weitwanderweg Nr. 06" (long-distance trail no. 06) leads from Perchtoldsdorf to Mariazell on marked hiking trails, forest paths, and side roads. More athletic pilgrims choose the direct route from Araburg Castle to Mt. Kieneck. Those who prefer a more leisurely pace can take the flatter and scenic alternative route between Maria Raisenmarkt and Muggendorf.

To each their own pace: The route can also be walked in ambitious four days or more leisurely in six day’s stages—depending on your individual needs and fitness.

Overall route of the Vienna Pilgrimage Trail 06