Enjoying nature on a pilgrimage, © weinfranz.at

The Via Sacra

Discovering valuable monuments on historic paths.

Emperors, kings, and popes, but above all millions of ordinary pilgrims have already travelled the historic Via Sacra. For more than 800 years, people have been making their way along the sacred route from Vienna to Mariazell, lined with chapels and churches of artistic and historical significance.

The route impresses with its cultural monuments. Magnificent buildings such as the Heiligenkreuz and Lilienfeld abbeys, the basilica of Klein-Mariazell and the pilgrimage church of Annaberg line the path. Between those cornerstones, you will discover many small wayside shrines, chapels, and churches. The relatively easy valley hike from Brunn am Gebirge to Mariazell is ideally completed in five day's stages. The starting points are always the churches. If you want to shorten the route or only walk part of it, you can always take the "Mariazeller Autobus", a bus line running from Vienna all the way to Mariazell.

To each their own pace: The route can also be walked in ambitious four days or leisurely in six day’s stages—depending on your individual needs and fitness.

Overall route of the Via Sacra