Weitblicke beim Weitwandern, © weinfranz.at

Walking to connect...

Pilgrimage as a special way of experiencing nature

Being close to nature—an experience for which the Via Sacra and the Vienna Pilgrimage Trail offer a particularly great opportunity. The beauty and diversity of the region's landscapes make it easy to connect with nature and find your own self.

Lush greenery, fragrant wood, bubbling brooks, rushing rivers... Those who walk the Via Sacra or the Vienna Pilgrimage Trail will take in nature with all their senses. The natural landscapes are diverse and pristine: from the gentle hills of the Vienna Woods and the Mostviertel mountains to the wild Ötscher-Tormäuer Nature Park. Especially the Vienna Pilgrimage Trail is a true paradise for nature lovers.

Exciting views and insights

After the first few kilometres already, a sense of peace and deep connection is palpable. It becomes clear how therapeutic it is to perceive oneself as a part of the whole. Again and again, hikers are met by fascinating views and insights, opening up new perspectives and touching their souls: when, after a long day's stage, your view sweeps over the valley and a feeling of deep satisfaction and pride sets in; when we venture into hidden caves and discover new things. With the goal in mind, and filled with anticipation.

Being in the now with nature

Being in the moment is easy when you are travelling on foot. Those who hike with open eyes and an open mind can experience true wonders along the way—often, they lie hidden in the small things. Try balancing over a tree trunk with childlike playfulness, or looking deep into a deer's eyes before it disappears into the thicket. Listen to the joyful song of the chaffinch. Taste the wild herbs by the wayside. Carve a walking stick. And enjoy the pure feeling of happiness that arises.

If you would like to immerse yourself even more deeply into the connection with nature and get valuable insights and inspirational food for thought from experienced pilgrims, we recommend you to book one of our pilgrimage packages with certified pilgrimage guides.